Dennis Tucker Reflects on the Exciting New Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars

Whenever the coins of the United States are ranked for popularity, the famous Morgan silver dollar rises to the top of the list. Here at Whitman Publishing headquarters we clearly see its universal appeal.

Hobbyists buy thousands and thousands of our folders, albums, and other holders to store and display their Morgan dollars. We get letters, emails, and phone calls about the hefty old coins. When we go to coin shows, collectors and investors are talking about them. As we work on each year’s edition of the Guide Book of United States Coins (the “Red Book”), we hear plenty of Morgan dollar observations and market analysis from coin dealers around the country. Meanwhile, outside the realm of the active hobby community, this is one of the “rare coins” that even non-collectors are likely to know about. They saw one in Grandma’s old purse, or offered in a Sunday-newspaper ad, or maybe tossed onto a bar in a Hollywood Western. The Morgan dollar is a coin that sparks the imagination. Once it entered the American consciousness it never left.

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