Kenneth Bressett’s Whitman Guide to Coin Collecting

How many numismatists got their start in this great hobby by collecting the coins they found in their pocket change? The answer, of course, is many!

The foundation of coin collecting is collecting common-date coins at face value and it is a popular pastime. Schoolkids, waiters and waitresses, cashiers, computer techs, mechanics, farmers, college students, and other “ordinary” Americans all set aside coins when they find something special, like a wheat-ear penny. Whitman Publishing has a wonderful book for the beginning numismatist, and a very special edition is coming soon.

Noted Whitman author and publisher Dennis Tucker writes:

The Whitman Guide to Coin Collecting, first published in 1999, is one of Ken Bressett’s many contributions to the hobby. The book’s goal: to provide a much-needed gateway to numismatics, offering in a single volume everything new collectors need to get their feet on the ground. Not surprisingly, the “Yellow Book” (as it has come to be known) proved to be a popular beginner’s guide. It was updated and revised several times, including in a new edition in 2003. It has been a best-seller for nearly 20 years—an “evergreen,” as we say in the publishing world.

Click here to read more about the upcoming “Golden Edition” of the The Whitman Guide to Coin Collecting.


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