PR-68 NGC Barber Dime One of the Highlights in Upcoming Stack’s Bowers Rarities Night in Baltimore

Stack’s Bowers Rarities Night is always one of the most anticipated auctions at the Whitman Expo, and this month a gorgeous Proof 1910 Barber Dime promises to be one of the stand-out stars.


Even the most casual glance at this coin would be enough to confirm its status as the single finest Proof 1910 dime known to PCGS and NGC. The surfaces are beautifully toned in vivid multicolored iridescence that is particularly varied around the obverse periphery. The strike is full, as befits the method of manufacture, and reflective surfaces are so smooth as to be virtually pristine. With just 551 pieces produced, the 1910 is one of lowest mintage and rarest Proofs of this type. In fact, only the 1907, 1908, 1914 and 1915 are rarer, along with the legendary branch mint Proof 1894-S. Given its exceptional quality and awe-inspiring eye appeal, this is a true wonder coin among Proof Barber dimes, and a find for both advanced type collectors and toning enthusiasts.

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