Q. David Bowers: Each Form of Media Has its Place

Legendary numismatist Q. David Bowers recently shared his thoughts on the various forms of media, television, the internet, books, newspapers, and magazines, and their usefulness in the great hobby of coin collecting.

Q. David BowersFrom Coin Update News:

In numismatics, I have been active in all of these media. I’ve been on network television more times than I can remember, and certain features I have been a part of, especially involving the S.S. Central America treasure and, separately, gold and gold coins, are regularly re-run on the History and Discovery channels. I’ve done radio interviews and features, including National Public Radio. I have a continuing presence on the “Dave’s Notes” page on the American Numismatic Rarities website. I’ve written quite a few books. Also, I am a newspaper columnist, as here—in the longest running column by any single author in numismatic history (it’s been over 40 years here in Coin World).

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