Whitman and Q. David Bowers Shine A Spotlight On American Civil War tokens

Described as “a modern-day classic in American Numismatics”, Q. David Bowers’ Guide Book of Civil War Tokens is “not only broader than heretofore undertaken by any other author, it is also deeper in both its historical and economic references.” The venerable Dr. George J. Fuld, too, weighed in, nearly 70 years after he first learned of Civil War tokens: “No book on how to collect Civil War tokens has ever been as thorough. I expect that it will be a standard reference for years to come.”

Dennis Tucker writes:

Earnest work on the Whitman book would not begin until June of 2012—but once it began, it barreled ahead in full Bowers style, with the Sage of Wolfeboro pulling together his impressive personal archives, marshalling assistance from across the hobby community, and writing, writing, writing. He delivered the fully written manuscript, with thousands of photographs, before the end of that October—a herculean accomplishment in four months. After editing, layout, and printing, the book debuted at the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money in August 2013. It was an immediate hit.

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