Q. David Bowers on the “$5 Educational Note”

Q. David Bowers writes about his experiences in the numismatic world for Coin Update News. This week, he’s writing about one of the most dynamic action groups ever engraved for American currency.

Back in 2005 David Sundman and I were commissioned by Whitman Publishing LLC to create The 100 Greatest American Currency Notes. Survey sheets were sent out to leading collectors, dealers, and scholars in the field of paper money asking them to rate their opinion as to the greatest (No. 1) to 100. This was done in good order, and in 2016 the book was published and became a best seller. If you do not own a copy you can borrow one free (plus postage) from the Dwight N. Manley Library at the American Numismatic Association headquarters in Colorado Springs. Or, if you would like to own one, check with your favorite dealer in numismatic books or you can buy one on the Whitman website. With extensive text and full-color illustrations, I promise you it will be a “good read.”

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