Stack’s Bowers’ Incredible American Coin Hoard

When a numismatist like Lawrence R. Stack says that he’s “never seen anything like it”, the coin world pays attention. Stack’s Bowers has announced the acquisition of one of the greatest American coin hoards ever to be discovered, and you’ll be seeing key lots at the Whitman Baltimore Expos.

Stack’s Bowers Galleries reports:

The hoard, which contains over a million coins, ranges from bags of large copper cents and Capped Bust half dollars, to Morgan and other silver dollars. Other coins include Washington quarters, Franklin half dollars, bags of Flying Eagle and Indian Head cents, nearly 10,000 1909 V.D.B cents, and more. Most are in circulated grades, and will appeal to collectors seeking coins that are both historical and affordable. The market value is estimated to be well into eight figures, with initial estimates ranging from $15 to $20 million.

Read more at Stack’s Bowers Galleries.

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