Q. David Bowers Wants YOUR Input For The Next Red Book

As you read these words, I and the Whitman staff are busy with the 5th edition of Mega Red a.k.a. the Deluxe edition of the Guide Book. With over 1, 500 pages this $49.95 volume has been a best seller, delighting all of us. If you don’t have a copy of the 4th edition, check with your favorite numismatic bookseller or the Whitman website. There is enough information to keep you busy every evening for a week after you get it!

Each series from colonial and early American coins through the entire federal series plus other specialties are presented in expanded form with abundant amounts of information not available in the regular Guide Book. The 5th edition will include a number of special features, including a large section on quarter dollars from 1796 down to the latest America the Beautiful issue—with information on die varieties and values for 1796-1838 dates, color pictures of all dates and mint marks, and more.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 1.21.06 PMThere will also be a special section integrating numismatics with American history. I am working on that now and hope to have it ready to give to Whitman by mid-December.

I invite you to look through the present 4th edition and to send me any suggestions, corrections, or other ideas. At Whitman, we want to supply what readers want and often cannot find elsewhere in any single volume. Address me: Dave Bowers, qdbarchive@metrocast.net and I will personally reply.

In the meantime, for the holiday season check out the full line of other Whitman titles. A book about coins, tokens, medals, or paper money will make an ideal gift for anyone who has an inquiring mind.

See you next week.

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