Kid’s Nook

Don’t miss out on fun and free activities for all children six to 12 years old!

Kids Nook Activities ExpoYoung collectors age 6 to 12 will have fun at our “Fill Your Album” event – we supply the coin album and the pennies, and they fill in as many dates as they can find in 15 minutes! In the “Coin Grab” treasure-seekers are invited to reach into the Treasure Chest for a handful of valuable coins. Young artists can choose from a variety of “Coin Coloring” sheets to show off their talents. Every child gets a “Goodie Bag” with collectibles generously shared by Expo coin dealers. These and other games and activities will spark their love of the hobby and make coin-collecting a fun family experience.

BSA Coin Collecting Merit Badge Class

*Registration is Required and Must be Confirmed by Whitman Expo Staff*

All scouts and their families are invited to attend a workshop on Saturday where Boy Scouts can earn the Coin Collecting Merit Badge at the show.

This exciting, interactive class not only will give Boy Scouts a chance to earn the merit badge, but will include opportunities for Wolf Scouts to complete requirement #6 (Start a Collection) for the Wolf Badge. Several free gifts will also be offered to scouts and their families to encourage their pursuit of coin collecting as a hobby.

We have received requests for additional BSA Merit Badge classes such as the Collections Merit Badge and the Stamp Collecting Merit Badge and are reviewing the possibilities. If you have any interest in attending additional BSA Merit Badge classes then please email us today. We will make a decision as to whether or not we will host additional classes based upon the number of requests and interest.

For more information, to volunteer, or to register, call 404-214-4373, or email