Whitman Author Dennis Tucker Receives Numismatic Ambassador Award

In 1974, Krause Publications and Numismatic News handed out the first “Numismatic Ambassador” award. Whitman author and noted numismatist Dennis Tucker is one of the latest recipient of this honor, which he recently received from Florida United Numismatists.

Dennis writes:

Anyone can nominate a numismatist to receive the ambassadorship, and in recent years I’ve been pleased to fill out forms recommending friends and colleagues. I had no idea someone nominated me for 2017. “Thank you” to whoever that was! And thanks also to the body of current ambassadors, who voted to approve my membership in their ranks. This recognition is especially significant to me because I know each of my five 2017 co-awardees personally. I’m proud to have worked closely with most of them on many numismatic projects over the years.

Read more at Coin Update News.


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