The Boys of Summer Honored at Expo

Orioles legendary third-baseman and Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson joined HOF President Jeff Idelson for an Expo Meet & Greet, sponsored by the United States Mint, celebrating the release of the Hall’s commemorative coin.

Twelve-year-old Cole Bank, of Vienna, Virginia, was first in line to purchase the coin, buying one of each denomination.

The young Orioles fan (and now budding numismatist) took a social studies test early, so he could miss school to buy the coin, and meet the man many regard as the greatest ever to play the “hot corner.” For the record, Cole made an A+ on the exam.

A line of coin buyers stretched through Hall C, into the lobby and up the stairs, all eager to purchase the Hall of Fame commem on the first date of issue.

The newest commemorative coin is available via the US Mint Website,, in $5 gold, $1 silver, and Half-Dollar clad denominations, both Proof and Uncirculated.

A portion of the purchase price goes to support the educational mission of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

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